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Saturday, October 24, 2020

QR code scanner online Application For Watching home learning video in the textbook

 QR code scanner online  Application For Watching home learning video in the textbook

In this Post, We Are provide Information About QR code scanner online For Watching home learning video. How To Scan Qr Code In GCERT Textbook. How To Scan QR Code for NCERT Textbook Download or Watching Video Of Home learning.

 QR code scanner Best Application List for Scan QR code in the Gujarati Language textbook.QR code scanner online app for your student.
In this article, We are Provide information for Gujarat students and how to learning at home with his textbooks QR code. steps by step Guide to scan QR code. QR code scanner online best app for users to all Gujarat students.

QR code scanner online For Watching home learning
QR code scanner online For Watching home learning video

How to Use QR code scanner App Watching below video tutorial

We Can Provide a video of How to use the QR Code scanner App. you Can Simply click the Play button and watch the video here.

check below video

What Is a QR code And How to use it?

What Is QR code And How to use it
What Is QR code And How to use the photo above shows the called QR code:

Standard 3 to 8 In the book of all kinds in the standard of
Some such code on certain pages. it is a QR code.

On this QR code application if you can with QR code application. the video of the item on that page will be played and the child will be asked to use it if he/she can study at home easily.

QR code scanner online App Download link

You need an application to scan the code of your School books.
Message in the group for more information

education in this way you need to download an application on your mobile.
Q r code Scanner.

How to Use the QR code scan application

  1. first, you can click here to download App.
  2. you can redirect to google play store and search app QR code Scanner unlimited app available. you can anyone app download of your smartphone.
  3. install and open the QR code scanner app.
  4. open your any books of your standard and get the chosen one page of having a QR code.
  5. you can Scan the QR code and choose an Option is below ( any browser or Diksha app.
  6. now you can simply play home learning video or download to your smartphone.

How to Scan QR Code to Watching Full Home learning Video on DIKSHA App

Scan the QR codes located inside printed In GCERT textbooks.
with your mobile device. and it'll take you on to the accompanying Diksha App video. 
No hunting and searching and scrolling—just an immediate link to additional support. Here's how:

DIKSHA - Platform for School Education: click here to download the app

Steps by steps guide to use the code scanner app

Step 1: Get a QR Reader

On your smartphone or tablet, find it through the app store. Download App Click here.

Step 2: Scan the QR Code

QR codes are printed next to the first example of each section.

with your QR Code Reader, and you will be taken on to that section in Diksha App.

Step 3: Choose Your Instructor

Choose from over 10 different student instructors or textbooks Of GCERT.
 Nearly every example features a video in Gujarati too!
Every example in every GCERT Textbook is matched with a group of 3 to 8 Standard videos, This video made by all Gujarat teachers for all Gujarat students. each done by a special instructor. 

Seeing slightly different approaches and methods will really assist you to find out how to figure each problem, and you'll return to them any time if you would like to!

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